Our Partners



Water Generating Systems has established a partnership with Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division, an electrical and mechanical systems design, engineering and integration company based in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division is an electrical, mechanical and power systems design, engineering and integration company serving the naval shipbuilding, commercial shipbuilding, and offshore markets. The company’s offerings include HVAC and Refrigeration Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Cargo Handling Systems, Underway Replenishment Systems, Electric Steering Systems, Electric Propulsion Systems, and other specialty products. For more information, please visit http://tridentmaritimesystems.com/.


Water Generating Systems has partnered with Callenberg Technology Group and its global HVAC and Energy  Services network for WGS’ global production, distribution and maintenance.

Callenberg Technology Group, a division of Trident Maritime Systems, is an international provider of Insulation, HVAC and Electrical Energy Management solutions for the maritime, offshore & energy markets. Callenberg Technology Group delivers solutions that allow their customers to be more competitive in their particular global markets. They pride themselves on being authoritative in the regions in which they operate, continuously innovating and delivering project management excellence. They engage approximately 1,200 employees and contractors in 12 countries. For additional information, please visit www.callenberg.com.


Water Generating Systems has partnered with Lake Shore Systems, Inc., for the design, manufacture and testing of the WGS-100 residential atmospheric water harvester units.

Lake Shore Systems, based in Kingsford, MI, has been a leader in designing and manufacturing heavy equipment for the maritime, mining, and other industries since 1858.  They are an industry-trusted resource for quality solutions with extraordinary service and support. For more information, please visit www.lakeshoresys.com.


Systems Control

Water Generating Systems and Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division have established a partnership with Systems Control, a division of Northern Star Industries, for the design, manufacture and testing of the WGS-900 commercial atmospheric water harvester units.

Systems Control, a division of Northern Star Industries, is North America’s leader for designing and manufacturing integrated solutions and delivering energy to the world. Systems Control’s best-in-class facilities are located in Iron Mountain, Mich. and employ approximately 500 people. For more information, please visit www.systemscontrol.com.