The wells could run dry at any moment

In India, the faucets run for an hour or two per day. That’s when the wells run dry. Villagers line up at spigots hoping to fill their water jugs. Farming has become increasingly difficult. The underground water aquifers are being depleted at a rapid rate. New wells are being drilled but many are unable to reach the water depths.

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Groundwater around the world is vanishing

Around the world, the water crisis is worsening. Groundwater aquifers, which supply many people with potable water for human consumption and agriculture, are being depleted much faster than they are being replenished.

USA Today recently published a series on the groundwater depletion, looking at the global crisis with stories from around the world. The series includes research from NASA’s GRACE satellites, led by Professor Jay Famiglietti of the University of California, Irvine and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Poor planning, infrastructure leads to water shortage

Nairobi is suffering from a water crisis. Kenya’s capital city has had population surge leading to more residential and commercial developments, and turning the city into a concrete metropolis. Unfortunately, poor planning has left residents susceptible to a water crisis.

El Nino has brought heavy rains to the parched city but, without the proper infrastructure to collect the rainwater (i.e. underground aquifers, reservoirs), the water is being routed through the sewers along with wastewater, pollution and sewage.

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NASA satellite shows alarming rate of global water scarcity

A NASA satellite is providing scientists with data on the Earth’s most water-stressed regions. Most recently, it confirmed what many have feared. The world’s fresh water aquifers are being depleted more quickly than they are being replaced.

In a Washington Post article, Todd C. Frankel discusses the new technology’s findings and the alarming rate at which the world is running out of fresh water.

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