Burst pipe raises concern over potential water crisis

A burst pipe pumping desalinated water into Riyadh raises concerns over a potential water crisis. Without a supplemental source, the city is heavily reliant on desalinated water pipes to carry water for its more than 4 million residents.

Water Generating Systems’ atmospheric water harvester technology would provide supplemental relief in the event of an emergency.


WGS In The News – May 4, 2015 – Attleboro Sun Chronicle

Ottmar company wants to extract moisture from air to create drinking water

ATTLEBORO – New England cable TV pioneer Peter Ottmar is hoping to capitalize on yet another technology by literally wringing water out of the air to supply a thirsty world.

Ottmar, CEO of Water Generating Systems, recently completed a $21 million fundraising round and plans to open an Attleboro marketing office for the research and development company.

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Water Generating Systems Announces First Closing of Series B Financing


Company approves two-year partnership with engineering firm, IMECO

ATTLEBORO, MA – April 30, 2015 – Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS), an international research and development and marketing firm, announced today its first closing of Series B Financing, bringing the total amount raised to $21.45 million. This amount includes private investments and government contracts raised by its predecessor company, Marine Desalination Systems.

“This is a very significant milestone for the company,” said CEO Peter Ottmar. “It coincides with a formal announcement that we have solidified a critical partnership with our key engineering firm, Trident Maritime Systems, IMECO Division.”

WGS has established a two-year partnership with Trident Maritime Systems, an electrical and mechanical systems design, engineering and integration company based in Iron Mountain, Mich.

“As water becomes increasingly scarce in many areas of the world, IMECO is proud to be part of the Water Generating Systems team designing effective and affordable solutions to those living and working in these water-distressed regions of the world,” said Gary Schettler, President of Trident Maritime Systems, IMECO Division.

“Water has long been an underappreciated natural resource,” said Jim Kyle, a principal investor from Orion Capital Management, Inc. “Suddenly, the lack of water is grabbing headlines not only in normally arid parts of the world such as the Middle East but also in drought stricken areas such as California, Texas, and Florida in the United States and in Brazil. It is my hope that WGS’ industry leading technology can help provide some innovative solutions to the increasingly apparent needs in these diverse areas of the world.”

About Water Generating Systems
Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS) is an international product research and development and marketing company focused on the global needs of water sustainability and supporting technologies. WGS was founded on the principle that today’s technology should be able to solve one of the world’s most pressing needs: the availability of potable drinking water. Leveraging patented processes and innovative engineering approaches, WGS has developed a robust line of portable atmospheric water harvesting products. For more information, visit www.watergeneratingsystems.com.

About Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division
Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division is an electrical, mechanical and power systems design, engineering and integration company serving the naval shipbuilding, commercial shipbuilding, and offshore markets. The company’s offerings include HVAC and Refrigeration Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Cargo Handling Systems, Underway Replenishment Systems, Electric Steering Systems, Electric Propulsion Systems, and other specialty products.