New York Times article – How the West Overcounts Its Water Supplies

In this New York Times article, Abrahm Lustgarten discusses the water crisis affecting the western part of the United States. He examines how overuse of underground aquifers is contributing to the severe water shortage across the region, including California and Arizona.

Officials are trying to prevent further shortages by restricting water usage and enforcing severe penalties on those who overuse. But, is that enough? Will demand continue to exceed its replenishment?

Read more here: New York Times: How the West Overcounts Its Water Supplies

WGBH Series focuses on ‘Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource’

WGBH Boston has partnered with the American Academy of Arts & Sciences to produce a web series called ‘Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource’ discussing water and the growing need to re-focus attention on this critical resource.

The six-part web series kicked off Monday with Part 1 examining the extreme weather conditions across the United States and how severe drought in California impacts snow accumulation in New England. Why should New Englanders be concerned with the California water crisis? Read more here: California’s Missing Water Fell On Boston Instead, As Snow

The entire series is available here: Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource


Limited Options to Invest in Water Industry

Jeff Benjamin of Investment News examines the limited options for investment opportunities within the water industry, calling particular attention to California, where state officials are scrambling to determine preventive measures and solutions to limit the impact of the looming water crisis.

However, the number of companies specializing in water solutions is limited. Experts predict that trend will change. One ‘estimates that the overall water industry … at $360 billion in revenues with an annual growth rate of 4% to 6%.’

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Options to invest in innovative technologies that address water shortages are limited