Puerto Rico is running out of water

On Monday, Puerto Rico went into default for the first time in history. Another crisis is looming. The country is running out of water.

The government has already imposed water restrictions, including a mandatory water shut off for 48 hours at a time. Residents are hoarding water during the 24-hour “on” periods, filling up buckets and tubs to store for the “off” hours. But the hot weather can quickly turn a bucket of fresh water into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and waterborne diseases.

CNN‘s Patrick Gillespie examines Puerto Rico’s water crisis in ‘Puerto Rico’s other crisis: It’s running out of water.’

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Water Crisis in the Caribbean – Drought, water shortages affecting communities, businesses, tourism

In the Dominican Republic, hundreds of communities have been ’30 days away from the entire water system collapsing.’

In Puerto Rico, water restrictions are forcing residents and businesses to go without water for 48 hours at a time.

In Cuba, 75 percent of the island is suffering from a drought that has killed livestock and decimated crops.

Across the Caribbean, the water crisis looms large. The tourism industry is also feeling the pain. Many hotels are forcing guests to comply with new water restrictions, including a limit on the number of showers and a shutdown of the water system for 24 hours at a time.

Detroit News’ article details the water crisis affecting the Caribbean.

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WGBH Series focuses on ‘Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource’

WGBH Boston has partnered with the American Academy of Arts & Sciences to produce a web series called ‘Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource’ discussing water and the growing need to re-focus attention on this critical resource.

The six-part web series kicked off Monday with Part 1 examining the extreme weather conditions across the United States and how severe drought in California impacts snow accumulation in New England. Why should New Englanders be concerned with the California water crisis? Read more here: California’s Missing Water Fell On Boston Instead, As Snow

The entire series is available here: Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource


Water Generating Systems Announces First Closing of Series B Financing


Company approves two-year partnership with engineering firm, IMECO

ATTLEBORO, MA – April 30, 2015 – Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS), an international research and development and marketing firm, announced today its first closing of Series B Financing, bringing the total amount raised to $21.45 million. This amount includes private investments and government contracts raised by its predecessor company, Marine Desalination Systems.

“This is a very significant milestone for the company,” said CEO Peter Ottmar. “It coincides with a formal announcement that we have solidified a critical partnership with our key engineering firm, Trident Maritime Systems, IMECO Division.”

WGS has established a two-year partnership with Trident Maritime Systems, an electrical and mechanical systems design, engineering and integration company based in Iron Mountain, Mich.

“As water becomes increasingly scarce in many areas of the world, IMECO is proud to be part of the Water Generating Systems team designing effective and affordable solutions to those living and working in these water-distressed regions of the world,” said Gary Schettler, President of Trident Maritime Systems, IMECO Division.

“Water has long been an underappreciated natural resource,” said Jim Kyle, a principal investor from Orion Capital Management, Inc. “Suddenly, the lack of water is grabbing headlines not only in normally arid parts of the world such as the Middle East but also in drought stricken areas such as California, Texas, and Florida in the United States and in Brazil. It is my hope that WGS’ industry leading technology can help provide some innovative solutions to the increasingly apparent needs in these diverse areas of the world.”

About Water Generating Systems
Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS) is an international product research and development and marketing company focused on the global needs of water sustainability and supporting technologies. WGS was founded on the principle that today’s technology should be able to solve one of the world’s most pressing needs: the availability of potable drinking water. Leveraging patented processes and innovative engineering approaches, WGS has developed a robust line of portable atmospheric water harvesting products. For more information, visit www.watergeneratingsystems.com.

About Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division
Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division is an electrical, mechanical and power systems design, engineering and integration company serving the naval shipbuilding, commercial shipbuilding, and offshore markets. The company’s offerings include HVAC and Refrigeration Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Cargo Handling Systems, Underway Replenishment Systems, Electric Steering Systems, Electric Propulsion Systems, and other specialty products.