How to avert a global water crisis?

Current global water usage is unsustainable. Recent studies show that 70% of the world’s fresh water is being used for agriculture, while many countries – including the U.S. – are using 40% for energy production. How much is left for drinking water?

Water usage and allocation has become a hot-button issue. What can be done to avoid a water crisis globally?

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New Report Suggests Grim Future for Swiss Alps due to Climate Change

A study out of Switzerland’s Federal Environment Office reports that small and medium glaciers in the Alps are at risk of melting away by 2050. Additionally, the longest glacier in the Alps could be reduced to 10% of its size by 2100.

As the glaciers melt, communities are scrambling to build reservoirs to preserve the fresh water.

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Sierra Nevada snowpack at lowest levels in 500 years

A new study by Nature Climate Change suggests snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is the lowest it has been in 500 years. Minimal snowfall and unusually high temperatures have contributed to the problem.

Considering that the Sierra Nevada mountains provide nearly a third of California’s fresh water supply and you here a critical source for California’s four-year drought.

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Grand-daughter of Jacques Cousteau Launches Video News Stories to Raise Awareness of Global Water Issues

Alexandra Cousteau, grand-daughter of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau and a global water advocate, has created the Blue Legacy Newsroom in order to raise awareness and generate a public dialogue around water stewardship and water sustainability.

The Blue Legacy Newsroom grew out of a partnership between Blue Legacy International and Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF), and support from Keurig Green Mountain. Its first news story looks at nutrient pollution in Lake Champlain, one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the United States and home to a diverse array of wildlife.

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Central Asia to experience water crisis in 35 years – From AzerNews

The sharp seven-fold growth of the population of the Earth in the twentieth century has created one of the gravest global problems of present – the lack of fresh water, the source of all life.

Around the world, 748 million people lack access to a clean drinking water source, while billions more lack drinking water that barely meet safety standards, according to a UN report released in 2015.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) forecasts that more than 4 billion people will be living under serious water shortages by the mid-2030.

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