Australia offers policy changes to aid California water crisis

California lawmakers have looked ‘Down Under’ for potential solutions to the state’s water crisis. Australia is an expert on the topic, having endured a 13-year drought that ended in 2010. During that time, the country made revamped its water policies to cut back water use, find more sustainable water resources and build an efficient infrastructure.

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Poor planning, infrastructure leads to water shortage

Nairobi is suffering from a water crisis. Kenya’s capital city has had population surge leading to more residential and commercial developments, and turning the city into a concrete metropolis. Unfortunately, poor planning has left residents susceptible to a water crisis.

El Nino has brought heavy rains to the parched city but, without the proper infrastructure to collect the rainwater (i.e. underground aquifers, reservoirs), the water is being routed through the sewers along with wastewater, pollution and sewage.

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Lucknow residents endure water shortage while local supply is maintained

India is no stranger to water crisis. Across the country, the Indian people have endured water shortages due to climate change, a lack of rainfall, pollution, water mismanagement and poor infrastructure.

In Lucknow, residents have endured a lingering water shortage while waiting for the local canal -which supplies the water – is maintained.

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Lack of infrastructure leaves villagers without water

In Zimbabwe, villagers in two communities are struggling to combat an ongoing water crisis. Without the infrastructure to preserve rainwater, villagers are forced to walk more than 5 km each day to find water. The communities are now looking for international aid to help them secure the proper means for access to water.

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