Nonprofit group barely gives Mississippi River watershed a passing grade

America’s Watershed Initiative recently graded the country’s largest water system with a D+ on a report card from nearly 400 organizations. The report cited water supply and water infrastructure problems and pollution as the main reasons for the low grade. It recommended an increase of $1 billion annual to invest in watershed improvements.

Read more from the report here: Mississippi River Watershed Given a D+

Grand-daughter of Jacques Cousteau Launches Video News Stories to Raise Awareness of Global Water Issues

Alexandra Cousteau, grand-daughter of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau and a global water advocate, has created the Blue Legacy Newsroom in order to raise awareness and generate a public dialogue around water stewardship and water sustainability.

The Blue Legacy Newsroom grew out of a partnership between Blue Legacy International and Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF), and support from Keurig Green Mountain. Its first news story looks at nutrient pollution in Lake Champlain, one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the United States and home to a diverse array of wildlife.

Read more here: Alexandra Cousteau Launches Blue Legacy Newsroom to Raise Awareness of Global Water Issues


‘Nonpoint’ Water Pollution – Part II of the WGBH ‘Water Pressure’ Series

In the second installment of the WGBH series ‘Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource’, journalist Rupa Shenoy discusses ‘nonpoint’ water pollution, specifically addressing how trash, litter and human waste negatively impact our natural waterways and marine life.

Read more here: Stop Putting Stuff On The Ground — It All Adds To ‘Nonpoint’ Water Pollution

The six-part web series is a partnership between WGBH Boston and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences to call attention to water as the world’s most critical resource. An overview of the series is available here:  Water Pressure: Saving A Threatened Resource