Water.org photo series documents water access around the world

A Water.org photo series documents water access in six countries worldwide. In many developing and under-developed countries, fresh water collection is tasked to women and young girls, a daily challenge that prevents them from an education.

View the series here: Photos documenting water access for women around the world

The water crisis: How a family in Bangladesh copes with no access to water

Finding and gathering water for her family had always been a burden, but when Naklesh’s youngest son was diagnosed with a water-borne infection, she took action to ensure it never happened again.

From the moment she moved into her husband’s home in Kishoreganij, Bangladesh as a young bride, Naklesh had to contend with a daily struggle to source and secure water for her household. From the water needed for household chores, to the water she and her husband poured in their drinking glasses, the burden of gathering each drop fell at her feet.

Read Naklesh’s story from Water.org here.

Ugandan boarding school seeks clean water solution

A boarding school in central Uganda has relied on a well and local ponds for cleaning drinking water for many years. Eden High’s 500-plus students were forced to boil the water before using it to drink, bathe or cook… until recently. Then, the firewood used to boil the water became too expensive.

The principal of the school sought alternative solutions to their water crisis. Water.org, in partnership with VAD (Voluntary Action for Development), financed a construction project for the school to build a new water purification system and storage tanks.

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