WGS has developed and patented the leading technology and devices to efficiently and effectively extract drinking water directly from naturally occurring humidity in the atmosphere.

Our advanced Atmospheric Water Harvester (AWH) process improves upon proven refrigeration technology to condense water vapor from the air and generate fresh drinking water, safely and cost-effectively, and without harmful waste. WGS’ AWH units require only electricity (generator, grid, or solar) to operate successfully, and their simplified user interface allows the units to be operated easily and intuitively, with only basic instruction. Our commercial units can produce several hundred litres of pure drinking water per day under typical atmospheric conditions.


Our Advanced Water-Harvester System

Is ideally suited for hot and humid climates and regions (particularly around the equator) that lack adequate drinking water for the general population.

  • Employs technology that self-adjusts to maximize water production in changing atmospheric conditions.
  • Offers reliable operation and simplified maintenance for all types of users.
  • Uses advanced methods of control which minimizes energy usage when the conditions for water production become less desirable.
  • Has a unique configuration which allows air to be efficiently processed and removed while simultaneously minimizing moving parts and overall unit size.
  • Is comprised of components and materials that are designed to provide years of reliable service in extreme weather conditions.



Key Applications Include

  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Residential / Community
  • Greenhouse / Agricultural
  • Emergency / Disaster Response
  • Medical
  • Bottled Water Production
  • Remote Locations
  • Military
  • Sanitation


Standards Testing and Validation

The Water Generating Systems’ atmospheric water harvester (AWH) technology was tested at the US Army  Aberdeen Proving Grounds facility by the U.S. Army Developmental Test Command in temperature and humidity productivity under stringent conditions.  It met or exceeded all major design and performance objectives.  Third party testing was conducted by WGS this past year.

Our testing and certification regime is comprised of four components: safety certification, performance testing, endurance testing and water quality.

Safety Certification Testing was conducted by F2 Labs located in Damascus, MD, a fully accredited, independent third-party lab.  Our equipment received high marks and the SGS Product Safety Certification for consumer safety.

Performance and Endurance Testing was conducted by Intertek Laboratory located in Plano, TX.  Test results exceeded expectations in Endurance and Performance testing using total power consumed and total volume of water generated.  Also, it was confirmed that the WGS machines are sufficiently robust to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Water Quality Testing was completed by White Water Associates based in Amasa, MI.  Water production exceeds level of purity and water quality standards promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO).