WGS commences initial development of residential units

Water Generating Systems has authorized product development partner, Trident Maritime Systems – IMECO Division, to commence initial development of the WGS 100 residential units.

Trident Maritime Systems will concentrate initial efforts on the development of the Stand Alone AWH Unit. This single, enclosed unit will be situated outside the home with plumbing into the home for potable usage (i.e., drinking water and food preparation usage). It will include a water purification and storage system that can be integrated into the home plumbing system. At ambient air temperature of 80°F and 60% relative humidity, the WGS-100 will generate 50 gallons of pure potable water daily.

WGS expects to begin production of the unit later this year.

About Water Generating Systems

Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS) is an international engineering research and development company focused on the global needs of water sustainability and supporting technologies. WGS was founded on the principle that today’s technology should be able to solve one of the world’s most pressing needs: the availability of potable drinking water. Leveraging patented processes and innovative engineering approaches, WGS has developed a robust line of portable atmospheric water harvesting products. For more information, visit www.watergeneratingsystems.com.

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