WGS Announces New Headquarters in Attleboro, Mass.


ATTLEBORO, Mass. – Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS), an international research and development and marketing firm, announced today it will establish its headquarters at 24 North Main Street in Attleboro, Mass.

“This location is conveniently located with access to interstate highways, train service and two airports – Providence and Boston, not to mention the many amenities in the area available to our employees,” said CEO and Attleboro native Peter Ottmar. “Attleboro has a great history of entrepreneurship and we look forward to continuing that tradition.”

WGS will initially employ five staff members at the Attleboro location and plans to substantially increase the number of employees working there over time. The team expects to begin working from the location by June 1.

WGS will continue to utilize its current facility in Saint Petersburg, Fla. for engineering and technical support.

About Water Generating Systems
Water Generating Systems LLC (WGS) is an international product research and development company focused on the global needs of water sustainability and supporting technologies. WGS was founded on the principal that today’s technology should be able to solve one of the world’s most pressing needs: the availability of potable drinking water. Leveraging patented processes and innovative engineering approaches, WGS has developed a robust line of portable atmospheric water harvesting products. For more information, visit www.watergeneratingsystems.com.

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