From the Los Angeles Times – Drought drives water shortage to critical stage in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Officials in Sao Paulo state have announced that the water shortage in the city of the same name is now “critical,” with multimillion-dollar emergency construction projects so far failing to ease the situation.

The announcement was the first time the state government officially recognized the severity of the water crisis and permits the suspension of licenses that allow agriculture, industry and other private concerns to draw directly from area water supplies.

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Dirty water sickens rowers at pre-Olympic events in Brazil

The 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil are less than a year months away. But, Olympic hopefuls are already feeling the effects of the country’s water crisis.

Thirteen rowers on the U.S. team competing in the World Junior Rowing Championships are suffering from a stomach illness. Officials are not certain of the cause but linked the illness to the course, drinking water, bottled water and/or food contamination.

Last month, The Associated Press published the results of water quality analysis showing high levels of bacteria from human sewage at many of the water venues, including the rowing venue.

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Water: The Next Global Crisis

The headlines are the same in Brazil, India, Pakistan and the United States. People are running out of fresh drinking water.

In ‘Why fresh water shortages will cause the next great global crisis,’ The Guardian examines how countries are coping with water shortages and the possible long-term effects of living without water.