Afghanistan, Iran battle for water

A river is becoming a focal point of ongoing tensions between Afghanistan and Iran. The Hari Rud river forms a natural border between the two countries, and serves as a precious resource of potable water. But, Afghan villagers claim Iranian soldiers are preventing them access to the river.

The security of fresh water resources is a top priority in the Middle East, particularly where there is ongoing tension over borders and where there is a dire need for fresh water resources.

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Turkey’s Impending Water Crisis

Turkey is on the path to suffer a major water crisis by the year 2030. The World Resources Institute recently published the 33 countries facing a water shortage with the Middle East leading the list. Turkey was listed as 27th. Here, citizens have access to 1,500 cubic meters of potable water per person daily. That allowance is expected to drop to 1,120 cubic meters by 2030. This drop would put Turkey in danger of being classified as a “water-poor” country.

Today’s Zaman explores the country’s need to raise awareness and determine solutions to prevent a major water crisis from occurring.

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