Climate change and water scarcity – a vicious cycle

Climate change has become a hot topic due to the recent COP-21 negotiations being held in Paris. It’s hard to believe some people are still denying the existence of climate change, particularly when 40 percent of the world’s population is directly effected by climate change on a daily basis. Climate change has been linked to water shortages, low rainfall, drought, famine and energy supply issues.

The Huffington Post’s article, “The Vicious Circle of Climate Change and Water Scarcity”, discusses the issues and how climate change impacts water scarcity globally.


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Puerto Rico is running out of water

On Monday, Puerto Rico went into default for the first time in history. Another crisis is looming. The country is running out of water.

The government has already imposed water restrictions, including a mandatory water shut off for 48 hours at a time. Residents are hoarding water during the 24-hour “on” periods, filling up buckets and tubs to store for the “off” hours. But the hot weather can quickly turn a bucket of fresh water into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and waterborne diseases.

CNN‘s Patrick Gillespie examines Puerto Rico’s water crisis in ‘Puerto Rico’s other crisis: It’s running out of water.’

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At the Mercy of the Water Mafia – From Foreign Policy

Pumping wells in the dark of night, criminal bosses rule the liquid economy in one of the world’s busiest cities. Can anyone stop them?

Down by the sandy banks of the Yamuna River, the men must work quickly. At a little past 12 a.m. one humid night in May, they pull back the black plastic tarp covering three boreholes sunk deep in the ground along the waterway that traces Delhi’s eastern edge. From a shack a few feet away, they then drag thick hoses toward a queue of 20-odd tanker trucks idling quietly with their headlights turned off. The men work in a team: While one man fits a hose’s mouth over a borehole, another clambers atop a truck at the front of the line and shoves the tube’s opposite end into the empty steel cistern attached to the vehicle’s creaky frame.

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NASA satellite shows alarming rate of global water scarcity

A NASA satellite is providing scientists with data on the Earth’s most water-stressed regions. Most recently, it confirmed what many have feared. The world’s fresh water aquifers are being depleted more quickly than they are being replaced.

In a Washington Post article, Todd C. Frankel discusses the new technology’s findings and the alarming rate at which the world is running out of fresh water.

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